Wedding Venues

Considering your wedding locations, you have 2 locations to choose, a place to get married and a place for the reception celebration. They can be at the same place or not. You may have a family church you wish to use, or another ceremony spot that has special meaning to the 2 of you.

The reception site needs to be large enough for your group and if you are at a hotel or wedding facility they will have pretty much have everything you need. Make sure that they give you an exact layout for your number of Guests. You do not want tables on the dance floor that then have to be removed. Many facilities will tell you that can accommodate many more Guests than they really can, and it is only at the reception that you realize this mistake. This is where a wedding planner is really helpful because they have worked at all of the locations and they have YOUR best interest at heart, they work for YOU not the facility.

If using an outdoor facility, remember that you will need it to have adequate rest rooms, parking, lighting both indoors and out, a catering facility, tables, chairs, tent and other amenities.

There is no right or wrong locations, but the weather plays a big factor as does your overall budget. Building a 1 time use reception spot in your Parent’s backyard can be very expensive and it adds lots of time and work to the event.

Things to consider:

  • The reception is usually 50-60% of the budget, so choose your locations carefully.
  • What are their rules about service providers, do you have to choose from their list?
  • Is the location so far away that your service providers will charge you extra?
  • What are the damage deposits, gratuity and other fees – like cake cutting?
  • Are you the only event that day, can you have a long time for set up?
  • Is the location easy for your Guests to find and a short distance for them to travel?
  • If using 2 locations know that some Guests will skip the Wedding and go right to the Reception.


Alderbrook Resort & Spa

People love to get married at Alderbrook, and we love to help them make it special. The best part? When the bride gazes out at the crowd of family and friends, takes in the view of the stunning mountains and picturesque Hood Canal, and a warm, loving look comes into her eyes-an anniversary is born. That’s when we know we’ve done our job right.

Heathman Restaurant & Bar

The Heathman Restaurant exemplifies the best of the Pacific Northwest using seasonal ingredients inspired by the flavors and cuisine of France. Executive Chef Michael Stanton partners each day with the region’s select growers, producers and vintners to find the highest quality ingredients.

Jake’s Catering

The Governor Hotel is a dream choice for weddings with beautiful ballrooms, including the crown jewel of The Governor, the Heritage Ballroom. Portland’s premier luxury downtown hotel, multiple rooms of every shape and size are available for receptions, cocktail parties, intimate dinners, and banquets. Catering services are provided by Jake’s Catering, located on-site, offering your visitors delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and appetizers.