The Rent-Essentials

The Rent-Essentials

You know your approximate guest count and have begun thinking about what you need to rent. Just some tables, chairs, linens, and some décor pieces right? Yes, you do need these, but don’t forget about the other essentials that can help ensure the success of your big day!

  • Tent – If your reception is outside, you may want to consider renting one. A tent can save the day if it’s pouring down rain or provide shade (and prevent sunburns) in the hot August sun.
  • Dance Floor – Having an obvious designated space for your guests to dance will ensure that the party gets started!
White and Magenta Decor

Photography by Erica Ann Photography
Rentals from Barclay Event Rentals

  • Dinnerware – Ditch the plastic cups, plates, and flatware. Having true glassware, dishes, and silverware can really increase the elegance of your wedding. Many rental companies rent out these items for less than 50 cents each!
  • Extra Tables – Unless you are getting married at a venue that provides tables, you probably already have this on your “to-rent” list. Don’t forget to ask your DJ, catering, and bartending services if you are required to provide tables for them as well.
  • Lighting – If your outdoor reception is carrying on into the night don’t forget to rent some lighting. Light the pathway to the restroom and to the parking area as well as the reception area. The last thing you want is for someone to trip and fall!

Make sure to sure to reserve and make a deposit on these items early! Rental companies have limited amounts of each and they go quickly!

Now you’re covered!