The Key to a Great Party

The Key to a Great Party

We all want your big day to go as smoothly as possible. You want both you and your guests to have the best experience possible and have a great time from ceremony through reception. There are many factors that go into a great experience, one of these being the music. It creates the mood going into the ceremony, amplifies those special moments, and (along with the bar) keeps the party going.

Here the keys to a great party:

Consider live music.  It has an intimate and personal feel. If your ceremony happens to start later than you expected, listening to a solo acoustic guitar makes the wait more entertaining.

Cut down the time of the first dances. Your first dance and the father-daughter and mother-son dances are special, but having your guests wait through three whole songs makes them antsy. Consider cutting the songs down to just a couple minutes each or perhaps combining the father-daughter and mother-son dances.

Photo by Atelier Pictures

Photos by Atelier Pictures

Get everyone on the dance floor. Grandma, Grandpa, and those with kids are most likely not going to stay the whole night. At the beginning of the night have songs played that are more family friendly that everyone can have a good time with and dance to. Bust out the Salt-n-Pepa and Sir Mix-A-Lot when it’s your high school and college friends later in the night.

Trust your DJ.  You want the majority of the guests to stay there the whole time and the way to do that is to keep them dancing. If the Electric Slide or Shout is what gets them all out there then go for it! Trust that your DJ will keep your taste and the feel of your wedding in mind when receiving song requests from guests.

Get up and dance!