Preparing to Meet Your Florist – 5 Helpful Hints

Preparing to Meet Your Florist – 5 Helpful Hints

Website after website, photo after photo of floral arrangements and you still have no idea what type of flowers, or even the style, you are looking for. That is okay! When you meet with a professional florist, they will be able to help you find a floral style that fits your wedding, taste, and budget.

Here are just a few things to think about when preparing to meet with a florist:

  • Know your budget. How much of your total wedding budget do you want to spend on floral? Flowers such as orchids are more costly than something like carnations. If you have your heart set on a bouquet of orchids, be prepared for a higher price tag.
  • Know approximate guest count. Know size of bridal party and family members needing boutonnieres or corsages.
Top Photo by Atelier Pictures. Above Photo by Aralani Photography. Floral by Floral Designs by Alicia

Top Photo by Aralani Photography
Above Photo by Atelier Pictures

  •  Bring some of your wedding inspirations. Bring color swatches bridesmaids dresses as well as photos (don’t forget a picture of the dress!) so the florist can get an idea of your overall wedding vision.
  • Know your venue. Where and when you are getting married has a huge impact of the flowers that can be used. If your wedding is outside in August, you most likely aren’t going to use delicate flowers that will quickly wilt in the heat.
  • Keep an open mind. Not all flowers are available at all times throughout the year so your favorite flower may not be in season. Your professional florist will know what flowers are in season and show you which flowers could be comparable to your out of season favorite.

Let the blooms begin!