Master of Ceremonies for a Wedding

Master of Ceremonies for a Wedding

Do I need an MC?


Nothing can make the flow of a wedding reception go more smoothly than having a professional and capable emcee. This person needs to be a part of the team, keep their ego in check, and understand that they are NOT the star of the show.

When you are considering hiring a DJ and/or a band for your wedding reception you must consider if they will also be acting as your Master of Ceremonies, commonly called an Emcee!


Kevin Venables, NW Mobile DJ Service
Photo Courtesy of Kris Stalnaker

The best ones are also capable of working with the event planner, the banquet captain, the couple and the families with patience, grace and a sense of style.

They absolutely must have appropriate attire, a fabulous voice and the ability to lead and oversee the reception itself, especially if you do not have a planner on site.

There are DJ’s and Band Leaders who will tell you up front that will not act as your Emcee, so consider that when you are in the interview process.

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Don’t settle for the iPod DJ, or someone you find on Craig’s List – hire the best!

Top Photo By: Kris Stalnaker