Leave It to a Mobile Bartender

Leave It to a Mobile Bartender

As you begin divvying out your wedding budget between all the services you need and want, don’t forget to account for a mobile bartender. “Why would I hire someone when Uncle Vinny has his server’s permit?” you ask. Great question!

Let me give you a few reasons why hiring a professional bartending service is a much better idea than allowing Uncle Vinny to be on uncorking duty.

  • Mobile bartenders can bring their own supplies. This includes alcohol, mixers, non-alcoholic beverages, and even the bar itself!
  • Licensed staff is provided! Nothing is worse than a line at the bar because it isn’t staffed adequately. (Not to mention, they clean up their area after the event!)


  •  It is unlikely that Uncle Vinny will cut off Aunt Jean when she has had enough. Because a bartending service is impartial from your wedding guests, they are able to better judge who should no longer be served. They have YOUR best interest in mind!
  • Uncle Vinny will most likely want to drink as well as play bartender. This will impair his judgment on who can be served and how much.
  • A licensed bartending service has the proper insurance to cover you and your guests at your event.

Cheers to that!