Jazz Up That Suit!

Jazz Up That Suit!

You have read about bridal fashion earlier this week, but what about the grooms? They want to be stylish too! Too many people think that it’s just a tux or a suit the same as every other. Personality and style can be portrayed through a bride’s dress, why can’t a suit do the same?

Here are a few ideas to help jazz up a suit to show some personality:

  • Sporty shoes. Converse, Nikes, who says you have to wear black leather shoes?!
  • Stylish cuff links. Places like Nordstrom Rack have a huge selection of cuff links to fit even the funkiest of styles.
  • A sweet tie! Bowtie or neck tie, both can come in not-your-average patterns so you can emphasize your style without sticking out like a sore thumb.
Top Photo: by Evrim Icoz Photography.  Above Photo: by Atelier Pictures

Top Photo: by Evrim Icoz Photography
Above Photo: by Atelier Pictures

  • Silly socks. Dress socks are no fun! Secretly show off your love for fish or foxes with printed socks.
  • Sexy shades. Sunglasses automatically “up” the cool factor of whatever you are wearing!
  • Suspenders. Ditch the jacket and show off those “too-cool for school” suspenders!

I bet you didn’t know suits could be so sassy!

Now you’re lookin’ fly!