It’s All In the Details  A Cake Breakdown

It’s All In the Details
A Cake Breakdown

You have looked over our cakes page trying to get a little bit of help before meeting with cake artists. We have a list of things to consider in choosing the design of your wedding cake, but still need some help. Let’s go into some further detail.

“Fondant or Buttercream” – In choosing between these frosting options remember that fondant is more easily manipulated thus you have more design options and the look is crisp and clean. If you are wanting a  show stopping, elaborately designed cake then go with fondant if your taste is more classic and simplistic, buttercream would be a good option.

“Cake Shape”– Which shape fits best within your wedding aesthetic? If you have more organic lines choose a round cake, more angular lines, choose a shape with more angles.

“Number of Tiers” – Your professional cake designer will know how many tiers of what shape will feed your guest count. If you have a smaller guest count but want a larger cake, consider adding a dummy layer so more cake isn’t wasted.

Photos provided by Simply Sweets

Photos provided by Simply Sweets

“Fresh Flowers” – if you are having any colors on the cake, make sure you coordinate between your florist and cake designer so your colors don’t clash.

“Intricate Patterns” – Looks great on fondant! If you really want your cake to be the centerpiece of your reception, go big! Have it hand painted, fondant ruffles, or draped in sugar flowers!

“Number of cake flavors and filling combinations” – Before meeting with a cake designer, know which of their offered flavors you would like to try. It’s okay to pick multiple flavors for each tier. Try not to do all safe or all out of the ordinary combos. You want the cake to get eaten and you want to give your guests some variety!

The sky is the limit!