In Favor of Favors

In Favor of Favors

As you go through the process of planning your wedding, you may think of places where you can shave down your budget. While you go through and trimming different aspects of your budget, favors is one thing you should not eliminate. Giving a favor to each guest is a way of saying “thank you for sharing in our special day”.

Here are some things to keep in mind while deciding on a favor. If being set at each place setting, everyone receives individual, identical gifts. If favors are being handed out as guests leave, one favor per couple is appropriate (this also saves you money as less favors are required).

As far as content goes:

  • Something useful – Give a favor that will actually be used by the majority of your guests such as a feel-good candle or nice quality soap.
  • Something tasty – Everyone loves a little sweet treat no matter what their age!
  • Something personal – something local or a little token from where you met, got engaged, or had a special moment. (Make sure you still follow the useful/edible rule in going this route.)

Consider giving your out of town guests a little something extra that can be delivered to their hotel rooms. They had to put a lot more effort and planning into attending your big day, isn’t it fitting that you return the favor? (Pun intended). Put a little extra effort and planning into, say, a personalized gift basket.

Visit The Wedding Lounge “Favors” page.  Get all your favor shopping done in one fell swoop! (I just saved you from [favor] shopping around! You are welcome!)

All in favor, say “I”!