Edible Favors – A Delicious Idea!

Edible Favors – A Delicious Idea!

When you are deciding to offer a favor at your wedding reception, consider something edible. Everyone will appreciate a scrumptious chocolate, a bag of M & M’s or a beautifully decorated sugar cookie that they can eat right away.

A bottle of wine or craft beer, while not a something you would place on the table, can be handed out at the end of the evening for your Guests to enjoy later. Rarely do such treats ever get left behind.

These monogrammed chocolate favors doubled as place card holders.

While cute, things monogrammed with your initials are not as exciting as you might feel. Don’t get caught up in the marketing of the thematic and trendy items that will truly be a waste of your money.

Remember you are providing something for your guest’s enjoyment. Do they really want mini pictures frames, paperweights, cups, glasses etc. to take home? Are they truly interested in planting a tree in your name? Hotel banquet staffs across the country dispose of thousands of these types of items annually.