Portland DJs Faceoff: DJ vs iPod a Battle of Sound

Portland DJs Faceoff: DJ vs iPod a Battle of Sound

In order to keep costs down while planning your wedding ceremony and reception, has the thought crossed your mind to just use an iPod rather than to hire a professional DJ? I hope not! But if it has, here a just a few things you should know when deciding which musical route to take.

  • Sound enhancement! Of course you want to hear the music, but you also want your vows and toasts to be heard. A professional DJ brings a microphone for him/herself as well as one for the officiant and whoever is doing a reading or toast. Can your iPod do that?
  • Need to stall? Weddings never start on time and it is rare that everything goes just as planned. With an iPod cannot before you know it, the processional song has started and people are still being seated. A professional DJ can improvise with an added track and fade out when it is time.
Above Photo by Adam Trujillo.  Top Photo by Atelier.

Kevin Venables, Northwest Mobile DJ Service
Photo by Adam Trujillo
Top Photo by Atelier Pictures

  • A master of ceremonies. An iPod doesn’t announce when to go through the buffet line, when the cake will be cut, or tell all the single ladies to prepare for a bouquet battle (there isn’t an app for that). A professional DJ can give your guests some direction.
  • Keep the party going! A professional DJ reads the crowd and knows what will get them up and dancing. It is an acquired skill to know what songs will get Grandma, Dad, your niece, and all your college friends in between on the dance floor together.

IPods are great for house parties and workouts, but don’t trust the life of the party to something whose closest thing to improvisation is hitting shuffle.

 Sounds like a professional DJ is the winner!