Creating that Perfect Bar Experience

Creating that Perfect Bar Experience

Depending on which direction you go, the bar experience can make or break your wedding day. You want your guests to all get up and shake it on the dance floor and be social with the other guests, but you don’t want the party to get too out of hand.

Here are 9 tips to a positive bar experience on your wedding day:

  • Hire a professional! We all know some of those big reasons why hiring a professional bartender prevents a whole mass of potential issues!
  • Know your guests. Are you and your guests beer, wine, or liquor drinkers? You may choose to simply have a beer and wine bar.
  • Create a signature cocktail. Whether it’s your favorite drink, family recipe or you have your professional bartenders create a cocktail or two just for your wedding, a signature cocktail can really add some personality and variety to the drink menu!
Photo by Atelier Pictures

Top & Above Photos by Atelier Pictures

  • Offer a small variety. A Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, red blend for wine, an IPA and a lager for beer, and perhaps one or two signature cocktails is plenty of variety for your guests.
  • Avoid shots! Allowing guests to get a shot at the bar can make for an early night and not so pleasant morning. If you and your fiancée are big tequila or Irish whiskey drinkers, offer a shot instead of a champagne toast.
  • Have some tasty, non-alcoholic options. Having plain water and cans of soda as the only options for minors and designated drivers doesn’t exactly promote their wanting to stay sober. Some pear-ginger iced tea, strawberry-basil lemonade, Shirley Temples, and an array of old fashioned bottles of soda makes it more exciting to stay sober.
Photo taken by My Bartender

Photo taken by My Bartender

  • Carry your theme through the bar. Having a rustic vineyard wedding? Rent a wine barrel bar and offer local wines and beers. Going for a Gatsby vibe? Bust out a classic 1920’s gin cocktail and keep that champagne coming!
  • Have ample staffing. When your professional bartender says you need two bartenders for the amount of guests you have, trust them! You and your guests will notice the difference if your bar is not adequately staffed.
  • Hire a professional! So important that it’s worth mentioning twice! It really makes the biggest difference when working with a professional company. They know the amount of product needed for your wedding, they have the professionalism, and are looking out for the safety and best interest of you and your guests, altogether creating that perfect bar experience!

Put your glasses up!