Benefits of Hiring a Make-up Artist

Benefits of Hiring a Make-up Artist

It’s your wedding day and all eyes are on you. You do your make-up with your every day beauty products.  An hour and a half into pictures and your make-up begins to fade and your mascara starts to run. You don’t have time to touch up your make-up every hour, but it’s not going to last a couple hours let alone the whole night.

Hire a professional make-up artist!

  • They use top quality products and professional techniques so your make up will remain flawless from photos through reception
  • Using colors and techniques that compliment your taste and dress, a make-up artist know how to bring together a perfect look.

    Photo Provided by Jessica Belknap Make-up Artist

    Top Photo by Artistique Photographie
    Above Photo Provided by Jessica Belknap Make-up Artist

  • Knowing what photographs well and what looks good in your ceremony and reception lighting, you will look fantastic on camera and in person!
  • As an additional service they can stay through photos and the ceremony to do any touch ups (a good idea especially in the summer heat!).
  • A make-up artist helps to eliminate some of the stress. (Your shaky hands are not going to get that eyeliner on straight, causing more stress.)

So have a mimosa and take a deep breath. Your look is in the hands of a professional; you are going to look fabulous (well, even more fabulous)!

Now isn’t that beautiful?!