6 More Reasons to Hire a Professional Coordinator

6 More Reasons to Hire a Professional Coordinator

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Your initial thought is “I can’t wait to bring my Pinterest board to life!”. Many couples don’t realize until part way through the planning process that they really needed to hire a coordinator. You have read 5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner, but just in case that wasn’t convincing enough, here are a few more.

1) You are busy! Chances are, you have a day job and planning a wedding can very easily turn into a full time job. Having a coordinator to help stay in contact with your pros and work out all the nitty gritty details will keep you from having to maintain two full time jobs.

2) Coordinators work multiple weddings a year. They know the ins and outs of every detail a non-professional would not know or be able to handle.

3) A coordinator thinks of everything! Other than a professional, who would realize that the 200 guest count to 2 bathrooms ratio needed to be changed?!

4) It’s a stressful task. Along with your busy schedule, this second full time job you are thinking about taking can create enough stress to drive anyone a little crazy. Hiring a coordinator reduces your stress so you can actually enjoy this experience (which is how it should be!).

Photography by Mallorie Willms Photography  Coordination by Simply Elegant Occasions

Photography by Mallorie Willms Photography
Coordination by Simply Elegant Occasions

5) A design extraordinaire!  By now I am sure you have a Pinterest board full of ideas. A full service coordinator can give you an estimate of what these “pins” would cost and help you incorporate your favorite inspirations into one beautiful design aesthetic!

6) Peace of mind. Day of especially, emotions are high. Wouldn’t it just make you feel at ease to know that your coordinator has everything under control? if any problems do arise, he/she can just pull the solution out of their hat of magic tricks to make everything perfect again!

This is not J. Lo’s The Wedding Planner. Planning a wedding is not all cakes, ribbons, and flowers – planning a wedding is VERY hard work. You want to enjoy this experience and be excited the wedding day is finally here and you get to marry your soul mate, you don’t want to be relieved that the planning is finally over.

Whew! Relax, you have a coordinator!