Wedding Musicians & Entertainment

Live music at your wedding or reception is always wonderful. A great organist, piano player, cello, violin, harp, guitar or even a marimba can add another layer of interest to the ceremony.

A live band at the reception is a wonderful addition to the evening. Watching great musicians and hearing great vocalists will make your Guests feel special and they will feel like dancing. It isn’t too often anymore that people get to see live bands, so consider this if it fits your budget.

When coupled with a fabulous DJ, it is a party waiting to happen. There are many great bands but often they don’t like to do the MC work and then they take a 15 minute break every hour. So having a DJ as well covers the breaks, gets you a professional MC and they can play those recognizable songs that get people up and moving.

Things to consider:

  • Number of band members.
  • What do they need – power – lighting – break room – refreshments?
  • How much time do they require for setup and take down, and be sure it fits your overall schedule.
  • What is their musical genre and do they play outside of that?
  • Will they learn and do a special first dance song for you?