Wedding DJs

NEVER hire a DJ who you have not personally watched. You need a Professional, well dressed and groomed DJ to handle your wedding. They are in the public eye, they need to handle the MC duties and play all the appropriate music you have chosen together as a couple to be featured at the event. They can help you with your musical choices for special things like the First Dance, Father & Daughter Dance etc.

The DJ is NOT the star, not the entertainment, they should not come with costumes, they should not talk about themselves or their wedding, they should not try to run the show if there is a wedding planner or sight coordinator on hand, they should not be drinking or eating while at their station – they should be providing great music and timely announcements.

Standard prices should start at around $900 and go up from there. Price is determined by the location, the number of hours to play, how much lighting is required and any special music that is required for premixing.

Things to consider:

  • What is the style of your reception? (traditional, no dancing, club scene, etc.)
  • What do you need to provide? (table, linen, power, tent, etc.)
  • Do you want a DJ that spins vinyl?
  • Do they have a comprehensive music list for you to choose what you want to hear during the evening?
  • Can you give them a DO NOT PLAY list?
  • Will they stay extra hours if the party is going great – what is the cost per hour?


NW Mobile DJ Service

Our experienced mobile DJ’s and MC’s pride themselves on providing high end, state-of the-art sound quality, and a diverse music collection. Always courteous, friendly and energetic. Bride’s Choice Award from Wedding Wire Brides!