Portland Wedding Photographers

Photography is probably the one thing you should not under budget for when planning your wedding. Never hire a friend or relative or someone from Craig’s List to “shoot” the wedding in an effort to save money. You are spending a lot of money on the wedding and you want to have great images after the wedding. The average professional wedding photographer pricing will start at $2,000 and go up from there, depending on the number of photographers, hours of coverage and types of final print products you wish to order.

Professional Photographers do not come out and “shoot” your wedding day. They are experienced and creative people who want to capture the best images they can in order to give you those memories that last a lifetime! Their equipment is very expensive, and in the hands of a talented photographer they can get amazing, fabulous jaw-dropping professional images of your day!

Things to consider:

  • Book an engagement session with your photographer, this gives you time to all work together, get comfortable being in the camera eye, and helps you feel more relaxed on the wedding day.
  • Are you going to see each other ahead of time or not? Split photography often takes more time.
  • How large is your wedding party and families? Larger groups take more time.
  • Are you at multiple locations? Travel between venues adds time.
  • What is the photographer’s style – traditional, journalistic, whimsical or well rounded?
  • What amount of time does the contract state it will take to see images after the wedding?
  • Look at the package offerings, does one suit your needs, if not ask for a custom proposal.
  • How long will it take to get prints, canvases, books or other images for gifts?