Master of Ceremonies for a Wedding

Master of Ceremonies for a Wedding

Do I need an MC?


Nothing can make the flow of a wedding reception go more smoothly than having a professional and capable emcee. This person needs to be a part of the team, keep their ego in check, and understand that they are NOT the star of the show.

When you are considering hiring a DJ and/or a band for your wedding reception you must consider if they will also be acting as your Master of Ceremonies, commonly called an Emcee!


Kevin Venables, NW Mobile DJ Service
Photo Courtesy of Kris Stalnaker

The best ones are also capable of working with the event planner, the banquet captain, the couple and the families with patience, grace and a sense of style.

They absolutely must have appropriate attire, a fabulous voice and the ability to lead and oversee the reception itself, especially if you do not have a planner on site.

There are DJ’s and Band Leaders who will tell you up front that will not act as your Emcee, so consider that when you are in the interview process.

Kevin Venables and his team of great DJ’s at Northwest Mobile DJ Service will not let you down. They have years of experience and hundreds of weddings under their belts. Call them at: 1-503-380-6319 and get them booked for your special occasion.

Don’t settle for the iPod DJ, or someone you find on Craig’s List – hire the best!

Top Photo By: Kris Stalnaker

5 Tips to 100% Bridesmaids Dress Approval

5 Tips to 100% Bridesmaids Dress Approval

Still in search of dresses for your bridesmaids, but feel like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place? Everyone is a different size, shape, skin tone, and personality and getting all your girls and you to agree on something has been an impossible task. Here are a few tips to choosing bridesmaids dresses that are sure to make everyone happy!

  • Make sure the dress you choose flatters all body types. Women come in all shapes and sizes, pick a dress (if you want them all to wear the same dress) that will look stunning on all body types. A-line styles and empire waist dresses tend to be versatile and compliment all body types.
  • Choose a color that looks fabulous on all skin tones! Chances are, your bridesmaids have yellow, red, olive, or bronze undertones and not every color looks good on all skin tones. The goal is to choose a color that accentuates each bridesmaid’s coloring (skin and hair). Darker colors like navy and black are always a dependable “go-to”.
  • It’s okay to give your bridesmaids some freedom. Pick a specific color, give them your color palate, choose a fabric, and/or say “I want an ocean blue ombre” and let them go! They don’t have to match to coordinate – of course you should see and have the final say on each dress to be sure it fits your vision.
  • Keep in this mind; they will be standing next to you! Don’t forget, their dresses need to have a feel similar to yours. If your dress is chiffon, the bridesmaids dresses will look odd next to yours if the fabric is heavier that your sexy, chiffon, Maggie Sottero.
  • You want your bridesmaids to actually want these dresses. Make sure the dresses are something they will be able and want to wear again.

Have a man of honor or a bridesman? They should wear what the groomsmen are wearing (which should also coordinate with the bridesmaids’ dresses).

It is not necessarily necessary to follow all of these tips, maybe you and your bridesmaids can easily agree on the same thing (lucky)! For the majority of weddings, trying to get all the bridesmaids and the bride to agree on something is much more difficult than it should be. Keep in mind one or all of these tips and it could make your shopping experience an enjoyable one rather than a stressful one!

Dress to Impress!

6 Tips to Reduce Wedding Show Stress

6 Tips to Reduce Wedding Show Stress

Congratulations! You’re engaged! You have figured out how to land your perfect partner, but now what do you do? Where do you go first? How do you even know where to start? Winter begins the season of wedding shows, so you are in luck! At a wedding show you can find planners, venues, florists, caterers, photographers, DJs, custom stationery designers and all of the little details you could possibly need for your big day.

With so much information in one place, wedding shows can get overwhelming if you are not prepared. Here some helpful tips to keep in mind while preparing to visit a wedding show.

1) Bring someone with you. Whether it is your partner, friend, or parent; a second opinion can help take the stress off.

2) Figure out what it is you want out of the show. Don’t go into the show without a plan. There are so many different wedding professionals at each show; it helps to have an idea of what you are really looking for.

3) Wear comfortable shoes. You are going to be doing a lot of walking, don’t let your time get cut short because your feet are sore.

Photo by Aralani Photography

Photo by Aralani Photography

4) Bring a notebook. Write down some questions you may want to ask, answers to those questions, and which wedding pros you want to follow up with.

5) Leave your kids at home. A wedding show can be an all day affair and bringing a kid can easily turn it into just a couple of hours (you definitely need more time than that). It will be a much more enjoyable day for you and your kids to leave them with a sitter.

6) Make sure you take time to rest. Take some time to grab a drink and some lunch to fuel you for the rest of the day. You can use this time to discuss everything you have learned so far.

Good Luck!

Edible Favors – A Delicious Idea!

Edible Favors – A Delicious Idea!

When you are deciding to offer a favor at your wedding reception, consider something edible. Everyone will appreciate a scrumptious chocolate, a bag of M & M’s or a beautifully decorated sugar cookie that they can eat right away.

A bottle of wine or craft beer, while not a something you would place on the table, can be handed out at the end of the evening for your Guests to enjoy later. Rarely do such treats ever get left behind.

These monogrammed chocolate favors doubled as place card holders.

While cute, things monogrammed with your initials are not as exciting as you might feel. Don’t get caught up in the marketing of the thematic and trendy items that will truly be a waste of your money.

Remember you are providing something for your guest’s enjoyment. Do they really want mini pictures frames, paperweights, cups, glasses etc. to take home? Are they truly interested in planting a tree in your name? Hotel banquet staffs across the country dispose of thousands of these types of items annually.

Bridal Exclusives – Maggie Sottero Event

Bridal Exclusives – Maggie Sottero Event

Maggie Sottero Event!
Exclusive look at the Spring 2015 collection.

November 8th and 9th, 20115
Call 503-213-1292 NOW to make an appointment to try on dresses!

Bridal Exclusives
16850 SW 72nd Ave
Tigard, OR 97224

The Wedding Lounge will be on hand to discuss planning your wedding. No appointment needed to meet the Wedding Lounge professionals.

For more information visit the Bridal Exclusives website.

As the largest and longest running bridal shop in the Northwest, Bridal Exclusives knows how to create the best experience for each blushing bride. They even welcome you to bring some champagne for yourself and those sharing in this special time with you. Being in business for more than 45 years definitely has its perks!

From wedding dresses to bridesmaid’s dresses, shoes, and accessories, Bridal Exclusives has a wide variety of colors, fabrics, fits, and styles to compliment all body types and personalities! Be sure to make this stop a top priority on your to-do list!

From classic to sassy, Bridal Exclusives has it!

Save the Date Cards

Save the Date Cards

You’re engaged and the date is decided, the planning process has begun! Once the date and place are set, don’t hesitate to get your save the date cards out before your newly engaged friends.

You don’t want to have a real life “Bride Wars” on your hands (and let’s face it, we can’t all make things work like Anne and Kate). To save you from stress, start thinking about save the dates now.

Save the Date - Antique Roses by 1st Comes Love

Save the Date – Antique Roses
by 1st Comes Love Invitations

Here are some tips regarding save the dates:

  • Make sure the date and place are set and will not change
  • Send out to entire guest list (yes, even parents, siblings, and bridal party)
  • Send 6-8 months in advance depending on how many need to make travel plans
  • Be clear about who is invited (“John Smith + Guest” or “Ronald, Wendy & Family”)
  • Set up a wedding website and include your save the date. We recommend

Happy Planning!


Don’t Forget Your Manners – Say Thank You!

Don’t Forget Your Manners –
Say Thank You!

We are always taught to say “please” and “thank you”, but too often does the “thank you” get over looked in the hustle and bustle of wedding planning. Hopefully you saved your list of names and addresses from sending out your invites because you are not done with them until the Thank You notes are sent!

Don’t worry about spending a lot of time on each; all you need to do is write a few sentences thanking them for their attendance and gift in a relatively personal way.

“Thank you Aunt Beth and Uncle Bob for flying out from Denver to be at our wedding, it was great to see you! We love the stainless steel Crockpot you gave us, now I can make an attempt at Grandma’s famous clam chowder!”

It’s as simple as that! Short, sweet, and personal. Even if it was the fifth blender you received or it is a frog sculpture Aunt Marge made in her beginners sculpting class, a Thank You note is still a must!

Stationery by 1st Comes Love..

Stationery by 1st Comes Love…

Trying to figure out how you are going to squeeze in the time to write all these Thank You notes? Even though they don’t have a lot of writing in each, there are still a lot of notes to write. It’s okay if you don’t get all of them done in one sitting, in fact you should take a little break! Write part of your Thank You notes on the flight to your Hawaiian honeymoon and part on the way back. Break it up into groups of 25 notes and it will seem more manageable.

Whether they drove across town or flew across the country, your guests took the time to be at your wedding AND pick out a gift or write a check. Show them your appreciation by sending them a Thank You. This small gesture can mean a great deal!

Mamma would be so proud!

The Key to a Great Party

The Key to a Great Party

We all want your big day to go as smoothly as possible. You want both you and your guests to have the best experience possible and have a great time from ceremony through reception. There are many factors that go into a great experience, one of these being the music. It creates the mood going into the ceremony, amplifies those special moments, and (along with the bar) keeps the party going.

Here the keys to a great party:

Consider live music.  It has an intimate and personal feel. If your ceremony happens to start later than you expected, listening to a solo acoustic guitar makes the wait more entertaining.

Cut down the time of the first dances. Your first dance and the father-daughter and mother-son dances are special, but having your guests wait through three whole songs makes them antsy. Consider cutting the songs down to just a couple minutes each or perhaps combining the father-daughter and mother-son dances.

Photo by Atelier Pictures

Photos by Atelier Pictures

Get everyone on the dance floor. Grandma, Grandpa, and those with kids are most likely not going to stay the whole night. At the beginning of the night have songs played that are more family friendly that everyone can have a good time with and dance to. Bust out the Salt-n-Pepa and Sir Mix-A-Lot when it’s your high school and college friends later in the night.

Trust your DJ.  You want the majority of the guests to stay there the whole time and the way to do that is to keep them dancing. If the Electric Slide or Shout is what gets them all out there then go for it! Trust that your DJ will keep your taste and the feel of your wedding in mind when receiving song requests from guests.

Get up and dance!

Mini Desserts for Weddings

Mini Desserts for Weddings

Mini Desserts for Weddings

In choosing mini desserts for weddings to give guests at your reception, the first thought is cake. In addition to the traditional cake, consider adding a variety of mini desserts or a “dessert bar”. Adding mini desserts for weddings allows your guests to choose what will satisfy their sweet tooth and still get that cake cutting photo.

Your dessert bar can include:

  • Cake Shooters
  • Mini Tarts
  • Cupcakes
  • Caramel Corn
  • Mini Pies
  • Biscotti
  • S’mores
  • Fine Chocolates
  • Cream Puffs
  • Chocolate Dipped Fruit
  • Mini Cakes
  • Petit Fours
  • Mousse Cups
  • Cookies
  • Petite Cheesecakes
  • Macaroons

The possibilities are endless!!


Above: Mini Cakes & Cake Shooters – White Rose Bakery,
Cupcakes – Cupcake Jones, Chocolates – A Yen for Chocolate.
Top Image: Above: Cake – White Rose Bakery, Cheesecake – Food Lush, Fine Chocolates – A Yen For Chocolate, Cupcakes – Cupcake Jones

The varieties of desserts do not necessarily have to coordinate with each other, but it may be fun to have some sort of theme or story that goes along with each. The flavor of cheesecake you always fight over the last bite of or an espresso infused truffle because you are both coffee lovers (just a couple thoughts).

Whatever petite desserts you choose make sure flavors aren’t too out of the box. Still make sure they are memorable (and delicious) enough that your guests continue drooling over them long after your wedding day has passed!

Life is short, eat dessert first!

Be Specific: Make Sure that Grandma Gets a Chair!

Be Specific: Make Sure that Grandma Gets a Chair!

Be specific: make sure that grandma gets a chair! With all of the excitement and planning for the big day it is easy to overlook some of the most important details.

The ceremony and cocktail hour are over and it is time for the reception. Your reception area opens and it turns into a mad dash for a table so the whole family or group of friends can be sure to get a table together. How do you reduce this stampede of stilettos and bowties? Have a seating chart, seating cards, or place cards!

Don’t think of it as more work for you, think of it as a better experience for you and your guests day-of. Create the seating arrangement then pass it over to the pro who made your save-the-dates and invitations to be sure they fit with the aesthetic of your wedding.

Top: Seating Cards by Puddle Jumpin' Cards, Photo by Erica Ann Photography  Left: Seating Cards by Alicia Zorn Calligraphy, Photo by Amanda K Photography.  Middle: Seating Cards by Puddle Jumpin' Cards, Photo by Alan Weiner Photography.  Right: Place Card by Puddle Jumpin' Cards, Photography by The Art of Joy AJ's Studio.

Top: Seating Cards by Puddle Jumpin’ Cards, Photo by Erica Ann Photography; Left: Seating Cards by Alicia Zorn Calligraphy, Photo
by Amanda K Photography; Middle: Seating Cards by Puddle Jumpin’ Cards, Photo by Alan Weiner Photography; Right: Place Card by Puddle Jumpin’ Cards, Photography by The Art of Joy AJ’s Studio.

What is the difference? How do you choose whether to use a seating chart, place cards, or seating cards?

Seating Chart – A good sized “chart” at the front of the reception area with all your guests’ names and which table they will be sitting at. Make it fit the theme of your wedding. Writing names on a chalk board or a vintage window pane are popular ways to make a seating chart pretty.

Seating (or Escort) Cards – Displayed as individual cards with a guests name and the table number. They can grab it before they enter the reception then find their table. Get creative with the display; attach the cards to the guests’ favors or pin them on a rustic display. Make every little detail fit in with your wedding aesthetic.

Left: Place Card by Puddle Jumpin' Cards, Photo by Atelier Pictures; Right: Place Card by Puddle Jumpin' Cards, Photo by Erica Ann Phtography

Left: Place Card by Puddle Jumpin’ Cards, Photo by Atelier Pictures; Right: Place Card by Puddle Jumpin’ Cards, Photo by Erica Ann Photography

Place Cards – The most formal of the three. These are placed at each place setting, telling your guests which seat is theirs at the table. We would recommend having a seating chart as well to direct guests to the correct table first rather than making them search for a needle in a haystack of possible seats.

Prevent that mad dash race to the table, let your guests meander and make their way to the table without tripping over every other person there. Decide which of these will work best with your wedding and get creative, the sky is the limit!

Sit back and relax!